Florida’s Cannabis Industry Trade Association

Our Purpose

  1. The legalization of marijuana particularly for medical use must be supported through legislation and enforcement practices that support the unique needs of the legitimate cannabis industry and protect against interference, obstruction or prevention of legal cannabis enterprises. The path to legitimacy and fairness is through good corporate citizenship and industry orchestrated advocacy implemented through the Florida Cannabis Industry Association.
  2. The Florida Cannabis Industry Association is the only advocacy group focused entirely on securing the business needs of the Florida based cannabis industry. Our policy is to establish business consensus and seek legitimation and operational freedom through legislation, the implementation of best practices, open dialogue and cooperation. Only through a trade association The Florida Cannabis Industry Association can these objectives be secured.
  3. Our industry will remain under strict regulation and our opponents will continually seek cause to restrict our operations. In such an environment it is critical that we share a code of ethics and a responsible and communally beneficial approach to our businesses. The Florida Cannabis Industry Association is the forum to develop consensus and resolve disputes, making certain that all participants equally reflect our shared values and interests.
  4. The Florida Cannabis Industry Association welcomes everyone to join, participate and serve in leadership roles. We are the voice of the Florida cannabis industry and we strive to represent and advance all interests.
  5. The Florida Cannabis Industry Association is the central educational and networking body for the Florida cannabis industry. Our training events and social gatherings are designed to share information, introduce common standards, foster cooperation and aid our members.